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Paint Chip Touch-Up

April 4, 2017


Every time you head out for a drive, there is a risk that road or track debris will chip your paint, this happens to me very often. Should this affect the frequency and intensity with which you drive? I don't think so. This week I'll share the list of tools and material needed to perform a basic paint chip repair. While the chips are aesthetically painful, what's even more painful is the rust that will form from leaving them uncovered for long period of time. With patience and proper application the results of your paint correction can be surprising. Most importantly, the substrate is once again protected from oxidization


- Touch Up Sticks 
- 2000 Grit Sand paper 
- Carnauba Wax 
- Rubbing Alcohol 
- Microfiber towel 
- Heat Gun 
- No.2 pencils 
- Crazy glue
- Color Coat and clear coat 
- Touch Up paint 
- Hole Punch 
- Flat Card/Pad


These steps require a lot patience and attention to detail


Step 1 (Assets the damage) 
Check for clear coat scratches vs paint chips.
Note the size and depth.
Mark the location.
Be attentive to vertical planes and sharp angles.


Step 2 (Preparation) 
Glue a small circle of sand paper to pencil’s eraser tip.
Clean out the chip area by scrubbing or twirling the eraser tip.
Wax the chip and the surrounding area.
Remove wax from chip using
touch-up stick and alcohol


Step 3 (Application) 
Mix the base color and clear coat in a dixie cup.
Remove applicator tip from touch-up stick.
Should now resemble a toothpick.
Apply a tiny amount of paint to the tip.
Dab the chip, leaving a small bulb of paint.
Dry the bulb using the heat gun for 2-5 minutes.
Let cure for 24 hours


Step 4 (Leveling) 
Wrap the 2000 grit sand paper around the pad.
Wet the surface and the sand paper.
Work the area until the crown has been leveled.
Compound and polish the area to restore the shine.
Apply sealant and wax for protection





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